Pay Per Post, P2 (p4 :-) )

As I mentioned yesterday, I was going to give Pay Per Post a go, and see how the experiment went.

I’ve already had a few good comments, and Loren thinks I need to have a box or dashes around any pay per posts – I think he is probably right.

My intent had been to clearly identify PPP in the subject or first paragraph of the article, but having a box probably makes more sense, and gives me a chance to learn CSS, one of MANY things I am not good at ūüôā

Until then, I will clearly identify any PPP posts. (assuming I continue with the whole PPP experiment).

Taming Outlook! (and your sanity)

I’ve done two things recently that have made email far less of a chore and time-sink¬†than it used to be.

These are both common sense solutions, and things most people probably know (and have written about), but I bet many of you are like me and think “I don’t have time to mess with my email, it works, and I have more important things to do”¬† Well, let me tell you the time you save in just one day will more than make up for the 10 minutes these two tips will take to implement:

Get a GOOD Spam Filter – We use Exchange server, and have long used a server based solution(GFI) for dealing with SPAM and Viruses.¬† It is a well known and recommended solution, so I *assumed* it was state of the art.¬† GFI has done a great job with Viruses, but has only managed to scrub half of my spam.¬† Well, a little more than a month ago I read a review about a product called CloudMark Desktop¬†and it received very high praises for dealing with spam.¬† Since I was dealing with 50-200+ spams a day from my various email accounts, that were slipping past GFI, I decided to give it a try – it is free for 15 days.¬† I hoped and expected for it to cut my spam in half – ¬†but it has MORE than exceeded my expectations and gets near 100%.¬† In fact, I am actually shocked when I see a spam message now – pretty amazing stuff!¬† And, I have only received a small number (2 that I know of) false positives in the month+ I’ve been using it – I figure I accidentally deleted far more than that when¬†I was manually dealing with spam.¬† I just can’t say enough about this product, so I’ll stop here and recommend you just download the free trial and judge for yourself. If you decide to purchase it, it is $39.99.¬† They also make a server product for Exchange, a little pricey, but probably a great product too.

Turn off the Toaster –¬†I have always used the little Outlook popup (toast) alert that shows when you have a new message, and never thought much about it.¬† After I conquered my spam issues, I realized I still get a TON of legit email, many times rolling in at a rate of several per minute.¬† I just don’t have the will power to not look when it pops up, and many times I feel the need to respond right away.¬† What a productivity killer!¬† I turned this, and the new mail alert sound¬†off as an experiment last week and have been loving it.¬† When I get to a natural stopping point, I tab over to Outlook and respond to what’s waiting – simple, easy, and I am not working in a reactive mode all the time (well, at least when it comes to email! ūüôā ).¬† If you are not already doing this, try this for a week, I think you’ll be amazed at how it helps your ‘flow’.¬† To disable this, simply click on the little down facing triangle in the upper right corner of the pop up, and select ‘disable desktop alerts’.¬† You’ll get a message box telling you how to re-enable it should you change your mind (you won’t) after the one week experiment.

I hope this makes some of you more productive.¬† I’d love to hear your thoughts and tips!

Pay Per Post?

I’ve been debating on the PayPerPost¬†concept, but finally decided to give it a whirl.¬† For those of you unfamiliar with the PayPerPost concept, it is a service for bloggers that allows you to pick up some extra cash (or donate to your favorite charity) just for blogging about certain topics.¬† Seems pretty cool (or at least interesting).¬† Once you get an account set up, you can view opportunities, and choose topics to blog about.¬† Obviously these are paid for by advertisers, hoping to draw viewers to their site.

While I can certainly see some controversy here, I think as long as there is full disclosure, (and interesting content) for such posts, it is really no different that using other ads on your site.¬† So, I’m going to give it a try for a while and see how it does – heh, something needs to pay for my latte habit!

My Pay Per Post Promise:

  • I will disclose all PayPerPost Posts¬† (For example, this is a PPP – see the link above)
  • I will keep these on-topic and in areas I actually understand, and can discuss (semi)intelligently.¬† For example, there was a very high paying opportunity on Rodeos and Bull riding I just saw – I’ll skip it.

Is anyone else doing this on tech blogs?¬† I’d love to hear how it is going.

Announcing Ink Search Tool for Tablet PCs & UMPCs!!

[UPDATE: A newer version is now available.  More Info Here]

I’ve just completed a neat little Tablet PC utility that I have wanted for a long time.¬† The tool lets you write search terms on a small form, and instantly send the terms to a Google search¬†inside your default browser with one tap (or a gesture).¬† No more awkward¬†use of¬†the Tablet Input Panel (TIP) inside a web page!!

The tool uses the new InkAnalysis API, and so far I have been very impressed with the recognition accuracy.  Some of the beta testers have told me they are seeing better accuracy here than with TIP.

The recognition will automatically add the best result to the query, but you can also select close matches from the lower button bar.¬† For really difficult words, there is also a character correction screen for quick entry and correction.¬† I really think you’ll enjoy using this for your searches.

This is a beta version, so there may be a few grinding sounds every now and then, but I think most of them were worked out in the private beta.¬† Right now the tool just does Google searches (via the Custom Search engine – this is why you’ll see the URL as, but I may expand this to other engines and desktop searches soon.

If you find any problems, have suggestions, feedback¬†or features you’d like to see, please get in touch.

The app does require the Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 to run.  You can get this from Windows Updates.

Download the Tablet Ink Search Tool Free Here!!

Main Screen:







Character Correction:




Launch from the windows Quick Launch Bar:

Amazon Algorithms – Tweaking Needed?

Order a web server admin book and you also might like a geriatric nursing book??

Many of the reccomendation emails I get from Amazon are pretty good, and help me find titles I may not otherwise.  But I thought this one was just a little too far off to not share.

Announcing – The Tablet PC Search Engine!

Ever since Google announced the Search Engineco-op program, I’ve been wanting to spend some time with it and see how powerful it really is.¬† I’ve created several personal search engines over the past few weeks, and have been very pleased with the results, and the ability to narrow my searches to specific sites on the interweb.

This past weekend, I finally made the time to throw together a search engine focused on Tablet PCs and Mobile Computing.

Today I present¬†– the one stop search tool to find anything Tablet PC related from you favorite Tablet PC web sites and blogs. Yes, it is REALLY hard finding good domain names, but it is fun to say, and will grow on you, promise! ūüôā

I’ve got many other features I’ll be adding to over the next several weeks that will make web surfing on a Tablet PC a MUCH MUCH easier experience – so bookmark it, and stay tuned and check back often!


Note: I’ve added the Tablet PC/Mobile sites from my bookmarks, RSS feeds, etc… but I am sure I have missed plenty.¬† So if you have a favorite Tablet/Mobile site that is not showing up in searches here, please contact me and I’ll get it added to the engine right away.

Happy Birthday Tablet PC!!

Today marks the 4th birthday of the Tablet PC Launch (Win XP Tablet Edition).  So, Happy Birthday to tablets everywhere!

While I’d love to pontificate on the state of Tablets and how things have changed since the launch¬†from a Table PC launch partner / ISV perspective, I just don’t have the time right now.¬† Soon, promise! ūüôā