New Microsoft Ads – What do they mean?

Disclaimer –  I work for MS, but have no inside knowledge of the commercials.  These are just some random (personal) thoughts we came up with at lunch today

So we have some theories we’ve been tossing around on the new Microsoft Ads…Everyone in the new ad represents something…

  1. BillG = Microsoft
  2. Jerry = Vista
  3. Grandma = IE (Not the latest and greatest, but still does everything around the house, been around 12 years – though it should be 13, right?)
  4. Little girl = Mac (Frames MS and Vista, makes them look bad)
  5. Mom and Dad = PC users (Asking Vista to do odd things – Financial advice, how much greek coins are worth)
    1. OR – the amount is $1800 is this 1-800 as in a support call?
  6. Delivery Boy = Search (Instantly recognizes Bill & Jerry, gives them something for no cost (but a token))
  7. Giraffe = XP Been around for 6 years? Close enough right?  Why are all our theories off by 1 year?  At least they are consistent.
  8. Also, when they get punished, why are they working on doors (and not Windows?)

What else??  Is this where they are heading?  Did we get it right? PS- Yea, I know, it’s been forever since I’ve blogged – I *really* need to get back into it! 🙂