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Things I’ve done – My Resume / CV:

December 2007 to Present     Microsoft     Raleigh,NC

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Developer Division / Team Foundation Server

  • Product Owner, SKU Owner for Team Foundation Server (TFS) Acquisition and Administration
  • Program Manager for our analytics, operational intelligence and customer intelligence for our cloud based products (Visual Studio Online,
  • More details to come 🙂

April 2003 to Present    Field2Base    Raleigh, NC

Current: Board of Directors

Prior: Chief Technology Officer, President, Co-Founder

  • Wholly responsible for initial product concepts, architecture and
    product development of complete product line & Mobile Applications based on Microsoft Technologies (C# , MS SQL Server,
  • Primary liaison between customers, business and channel partners,
    sales/marketing team, engineering team and customer support. Responsible for
    evaluating, prioritizing, documenting and prototyping new product features, driving
    new architectures and enhancements based on real-world customer input and strategic  market opportunities
  • Responsible for integration platform and infrastructure (SOA) to
    allow communications between disparate customer systems.  This highly
    scalable platform is responsible for delivering tens of thousands
    mission-critical communications daily.
  • Currently pursuing over 60 patent claims on the unique technology that I developed that allows large amounts of data to be transferred over inherently flawed cellular (CDMA, GSM) networks to mobile (Tablet PC) clients.  With this technology users are able to transfer hundreds of megabytes daily over cellular networks – this would be impossible with standard cellular technology.
  • Technical and product evangelist for customers, potential customers,
    and business partners.
  • Day to day responsibilities and reports include engineering and support team, product management, product road map, User experience (UX) and User Interface (UI), new product development and all IT infrastructure
  • Primary technical liaison between customers and internal engineering team.  Responsible for evaluating, documenting and prototyping new product features and enhancements based on ‘real-world’ feedback
  • Responsible for developing (coding) new product lines, proof of concepts.
  • Responsible for for all custom and customer integration development using varied languages and technologies.

November 2000 to March 2003    State of South Carolina    Columbia, SC (Contract)

Architect / Project Manager  – Voter Registration and Election System

  •  Responsible for Architect, Lead developer, and Technical Project Manager roles for the State of SC Voter Registration and Election system, a web based system for maintaining 2.75 Million voters, and all Federal, State and Municipal elections held within the State.
  • System is designed and built on a IBM WebSphere Platform (OS/390 Mainframe and IBM Unix) and DB2 database (via JDBC) using Java J2EE (Visual Age and WSAD) , Cobol, and C++ technologies.
  • Defined and created complete system Model and Architecture using standard OO and Unified Process procedures, providing for future expansion and integration.
  • Responsible for defining and developing software for external hardware integration including electronic election balloting devices, portable  imaging devices, and wireless / disconnected field (Poll) use devices.  Both open standard XML integration and device specific drivers (embedded OS API) were created.
  • Designed and developed software and business policy rules for integration with external networks including the Department of Defense, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and multiple State Agencies.
  • Managed an internal ten member development team, as well as external technical consultants to ensure project milestones were met.
  • Worked directly with senior level Government Officers to define project scope, goals and budget.  

 Architect / Project Manager  – State e-Commerce Initiative

  • Responsible for Architecture, software development, Business analysis, and infrastructure recommendation for State of South Carolina’s e-Commerce Initiative
  • Created extensive integration Architecture using OO/RUP design methodologies to allow for current and future interoperability between the State’s many disparate IT systems and networks, as well as external networks of business partners
  • Architected and Developed low-level integration software for legacy Main Frame connectivity to open standards (Web, XML).
  • Developed mission critical web based solutions for various state agencies including: Department of Revenue, Department of Corrections, State Licensing Board, and University System.  Technologies used include Java Web Application Servers, C++, ASP/IIS/COM, Java, Client Scripting, JDBC and XML.
  • Integrated disparate backend systems including: legacy mainframe applications,  IBM DB2, and MS SQL Server to common web based front-end solutions.

April 1999 to October 2000  HAHT Commerce, Inc   Raleigh, NC

e-Commerce Architect – B2B Exchanges

  • Responsible for Architecture, Process flow, Business analysis and software Development on ERP product line for electronic exchange integration, such as Ariba, Commerce One and mySAP.com
  • Strong use of Java/J2EE, Web Application Servers,  Message Queues (IBM MQ, Sonic MQ) and XML technology to develop product line
  • Managed internal development team goals to ensure business need, process and architecture goals were met during product development
  • Responsible for development of related Product / Project documentation including: Product design and Architecture documentation, Integration requirements, and Statements of Work for customer engagements
  • Acted as liaison between business partners (Ariba, Commerce One, and SAP), Customers, Consultants (Internal and External) and product management / development team
  • Enhanced product roadmap to include XML technology that could replace current use of EDI and expensive VANs by customer base 
  • Researched,  evaluated, and integrated  third-party tools and services for product development and enhancement
  • Developed, delivered, and presented e-Commerce and e-Exchange technical and strategy information to internal Executive and Sales staff as well as external business partners.

 Architect / Developer Pervasive & Wireless Technology

  • Created proof of concept applications for several mobile platforms including Palm OS (Palm/Conduit SDK, Web Clipping), and Web-Enabled Cell Phones (HDML, WML/WAP, Quartz).  Multiple Technologies were used for application integration including Java, C++, DCOM, Java Enterprise Connector (JEC), ADO, and SQL.
  • Developed cutting-edge demonstration applications to demonstrate current product line integration with pervasive devices for major trade shows including CeBIT,e-Commerce Expo, TechEd, and SAPphire
  • Responsible for co-Development, and Implementation of Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) Studios Initial Wireless Strategy.  This included complete wireless access to mission critical enterprise systems such as SAP R/3, and Lotus Notes.
  • Worked with Internal Business Development team to build strategic partnerships with Major hardware and service vendors including Sprint PCS, Ericsson, and Intermec.

Senior Technical Consultant / Lead Developer – ERP/EAI/EDI

  • Developed with many technologies to produce high-volume, scalable, mission critical e-Commerce sites including: C++, XML, Java, Java Enterprise Connector, ODBC/SQL,  Java Servlets / JSP, COM/DCOM(+), HAHTSite Web Application Server, and SAP Automation tools
  • Responsible for Technical Project Management, Web Architect, and Lead Developer Roles on multiple, high volume B2B and B2C e-Commerce projects involving ERP / EDI integration.
  • Worked closely with executives of Fortune 2000 companies to define and develop e-Commerce strategies and architecture.
  • Held Discovery workshops and gap analysis meetings to analyze customer’s e-Commerce needs, and define project goals.  Participants ranged from end users to upper Executive level (Senior VPs, CIO, CEO)
  • Managed and insured project milestones, technical and implementation team members (internal and customer’s), and led periodic focus group sessions to ensure project was progressing to customer expectations.
  • Integrated backend ERP systems such as SAP R/3 to e-Commerce sites for real-time pricing, availability, status, fulfillment and distribution information
  • Lead Developer Roles on many high profile customer projects such as  Dow Corning Corporation,  Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) Studios, Infineon (Siemens Semiconductors),  Kraft Foods, LAM Research, Medline, and Printronix (Hewlett Packard OEM)
  • Responsible for development and enhancement of e-Scenario product line, modular (COM & Java) Object layers that provide connectivity between Web Application servers and backend ERP systems

January 1999 to April 1999    Persimmon IT Durham, NC

Lead Consultant & Developer,  UnifyIT Product Line

  • Led Windows NT project team, including software development, QA, and implementation members
  • Developed driver level software (Oracle C++ API) to increase product performance by over four-hundred percent on Windows NT Platforms, using Oracle databases
  • Provided development, testing, implementation, and performance tuning for UnifyIT Product , a mission critical, web-based software suite used by pharmaceutical companies for FDA compliance during clinical trials 
  • Responsible for developing and integrating web based Mission Critical software into customers current infrastructure and LIMS systems, including Networks (LAN/WAN), Server Operating Systems, Database Systems and Recovery Systems
  • Designed and implemented internal networks and servers for performance testing and tuning new software products, on NT and UNIX platforms
  • Developed system requirements, configuration guidelines, quality assurance test scenarios, and technical documentation for both internal use and pre-sales support.
  • Responsible for evaluation, integration, development, and deployment of software on new operating systems (Windows NT, Sun Solaris), Web application servers (Netscape and Microsoft), and database systems (Oracle and SQL server)
  • Acted as liaison between customers and internal staff, provided third level customer technical support, provided on-site technical training for customer’s IT departments

1994–1998 Digital Solutions  

President /  Owner

  • Achieved growth of  business and sales by an average of seventy-four percent annually.
  • Managed projects and teams, including internal staff, as well as acting liaison for  clients IT team
  • Responsible for hardware, software and networks for several large commercial clients, some posting over one million dollars per day in transactions.
  • Managed a large client base including: County of Harnett, Local Government, Major Industrial Companies, Banks, Professional and Medical Offices,  and Small to Mid-Size Business.
  • Administered NT Networks using technologies including TCP/IP, WINS, DHCP, RRAS, Winframe / Terminal Server, routing, IIS, and MS BackOffice applications.
  • Extensive Networking Experience, Including Windows NT, Novell, SCO Unix, Client  / Server NOS, and LAN / WAN.
  • Developed  and supported web application servers for commercial clients, including real time live audio broadcasting for a major Triangle radio station (WQDR-FM).
  • Complete Systems integration, hardware, software & networking skills
  • Customer Service experience dealing with people ranging from computer operators (Data Entry) to CEOs
  • Developed Custom Applications using Visual Basic, COM, Visual C++, Active Server Pages, IIS, HTML, MS Access (VBA), and SQL Server
  • Comprehensive skills in managing business  and employees
  • Developed and implemented Local ISP offering Complete Internet services using Windows NT exclusively.

1995-1997Central Carolina Community CollegeTeacher / IT Staff

  • Developed lessons, outlines and taught Computer Application and Telecommunication courses
  • Managed and Maintained all computers on multiple campus locations
  • Implemented computer and network security policies
  • Developed custom courses and workshops for corporate executives.
  • Advised new computer purchases
  • Consulted on Computer Lab Construction for New Technology Building
  • Designed and Implemented computer lab network, based on Windows NT server,  and network Internet access

1992–1993 US Department of Defense / SGT Services Government Technical Contractor

  • Maintained infrastructure and  Vehicle database for entire Fort Bragg military post
  • Experience with proprietary  Client Server Systems
  • Comprehensive experience dealing with all levels of Military and Government employees


(Semi) Current Personal Projects & Diversions:

  • DD-WRT Router Firmware : This open source firmware project let’s you turn a $50 Linksys or Buffalo router into a $1000++ router by creating new features and functionality that are not included in the default firmware.  I have been modifying the source to enhance the packet level QoS (Quality of Service) and routing functionality primarily for VoIP (Voice over IP) calls.
  • Windows Home Server (WHS): For the past several ++ years, I have always had some sort of a server in the home.  It started wit a retired desktop machine, that I networked to share data, and eventually evolved to a real server running Windows Small Business Server, as well as a Buffalo 1TB NAS device, and another server to run my home automation software.  When I first heard about WHS, I was a little surprised Microsoft was targeting  a platform like this to home users – I thought it was only geeks like me who wanted a server at home.  After learning more, I began to see the value in WHS for the masses – with it’s built in backup, data shares, and remote access, I realized this was a platform that most people with a few PCs at home could really benefit by.  I’ve been an active beta tester on WHS, and have started writing several Add-In’s to further enhance the functionality.  The first one, PhotoSync, is available now, please enjoy.
  • Ink Blog Plugin for MS Windows Live Writer : This is a freeware plug-in application that I wrote that allows Windows Live Writer and Tablet PC users to easily send ink enabled posts to their blog.  Since my handwriting is horrible, I don’t use it much but many others are getting plenty of use out of it, and hopefully enjoying it.  This was written in C# .NET, and I’ve also done a little COM work to get to some of the non-exposed features of Live Writer.
  • Ink Search Tool : This is something I built out of necessity for myself, and decided to turn it into a freeware application for all Tablet PC users to enjoy.  This application allows users to ink (write) in a large search area, does handwriting recognition on the ink, and then sends the text to their favorite search engine (Google, Wikipedia, etc..) as a query.  This saves A LOT of time when you are surfing the web on a Tablet and GREATLY enhances the default Microsoft UX (user eXperience) for this.
  • Tablet PCs, Smartphones (Windows Mobile), Cellular Data and other mobile clients – I’m always hacking with something on these, check back soon for my latest project or application!
  • The Catalina Express : A 27′ cruising boat that sleeps 6.  This has been a long ongoing project, and a good way to get away from the keyboard for a while.  I am building this boat from plans (scratch) and doing 100% of the work (so far) myself.  Unfortunately I have not worked on this for a while, but hope to get back to it someday soon!
  • A Homebuilt CNC Machine – A CNC machine is basically a tool that cuts out parts based on CAD or other documents loaded on a computer (see the Wiki article for a much better explanation).  I’ve been interested in these for many years now, and have built several from scratch.  Commercial CNC machines cost $10’s to $100’s of thousands – I’ve been trying to build a unit for under $1500 that can easily be replicated by others.  The mechanical engineering side as well as the hardware interface to the PC are great challenges, I enjoy solving.
  • Asterisk – Asterisk is an open source PBX (Phone) system that runs on Linux.  I don’t get to spend much time with Linux in my working life, so I enjoy ‘hacking’ this and creating a PBX system for my house (yea, very geeky, I know).  It’s been a great way to keep my hands in Linux and do some programming (I’m working on a voice recognition system for it). I’ve also been able to spend a lot more time learning SIP and other VoIP / Messaging protocols with this project. Of course, using this required me to also spend a lot of time becoming a net admin for my house to make sure the call quality is good (see DD-WRT above).  If you need a phone system for your business (or home) you should definitely check out Asterisk. With an old PC and a few hours of time (and a lot more time to really tweak it) you will have a PBX system that will easily rival $5-10k++ units for free (or a few hundred if you need to buy a used PC).  I run mine on an old PIII laptop with 512MB of RAM, and it runs great.

Other Interests:

Scuba Diving, Skiing/Boarding, Travel, Running / Marathons and Exercise, Computer and Internet technology, Getting the (technical) square peg through the round hole (I love a good challenge!), Embedded technology, Current Events, and Reading anything I can get my hands on

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