Must Have Tools for Power Users

Scott Hanselman has updated his excellent list of tools for developers and power users.

This is a must read list form anyone involved in software development or that spends their day on a PC.  You will save many hours and plenty of computer frustrations by using some of the tools from this list.

After reading the list and his comments, I think Scott suffers from the same problem I have – always being asked by family and friends to fix/upgrade/clean their PC.

I’ve thought about buying the “No, I will not fix your computer” shirt from ThinkGeek on more than one occasion! 🙂

Ink Blog – Feature Requests?

If there are any features you were hoping for in the ink blog plugin – now is a good time to let me know.  I’ve got most of the big items on my list done, and will be starting on some others soon.

Please comment here and let me know what you would like to see.

Writing or Riding – OR When is the next update of Ink Blog going to be ready Ed!?!

Well first, let me thank everyone for all the positive feedback I’ve received on the Ink Blog plugin – I’m really glad to hear everyone is enjoying it.

Now that I’ve teased you with what is in the works for the next drop, many of you have been asking when it will be ready.

That’s a tough one, first there is the whole day job thing , we have a new product line coming out in October and things have been a little hectic.  Not only is it a new product, but it is in a different space than where we currently play ( Enterprise Tablet PC software).  New websites, marketing material, yada yada yada, oh yea, docs, and the code! 🙂  I’m not releasing any specific on the new software quite yet, but it will be for the Tablet PC, and at a lower price point /target than our current offerings.  More soon.

Next is a superbike motorcycle race I have been looking forward to.  I’m not a big race fan, but the venue is close to home, and sounds like a great excuse to ride the Ducati on a fun day trip.

So I guess the the ultimate answer depends on Saturday’s weather.  If it’s nice out, I’m off to the races, if not, I’ll be writing code for the plugin.

Either way, I’ll have something out soon!   Thanks again for the great feedback!

Ink Blog Progress

I’ve been working on the Writer Ink blog plugin some more this evening, and have added quite a few new features, including:

  • More ink colors, including custom colors
  • Highlighters
  • Lasso tool / Move / Cut Copy
  • Undo / Redo
  • Text inside the ink region
  • Ability to re-edit ink before you publish
  • Expanding ink region

And a few others, but I’m just too tired to think of any more right now 🙂

Here is a teaser until I can do some clean up and do another code drop.

Ink Blog Beta 1 released for Windows Live Writer

NOTE: A newer version is available here

Since I finally spent some time this weekend setting up Community Server for my new blog (Yea, I know, welcome to the 90’s Ed), I decided to also have a look at
the new MS Windows Live Writer blog posting tool.  I quickly found out the only way to use Ink from a Tablet PC is using Cut & Paste – not optimal.


After spending a few hours with the Writer SDK last night, I whipped up a (very!) Beta Plugin for blogging in ink.  There are several features I’d like to add, so I’ll probably update it some, in my copious free time :-).

Please take a look, let me know what you think.  Enjoy. (Note: this is beta software, use at your own risk)


Requires MS Windows Tablet PC Edition & .NET framework 2.0 to be installed.  Plugin will not show up in writer without 2.0 framework.

1) Download from here

2) Close all running instances of Writer

3) Unzip and copy the file (InkBlogPlugIn.dll) to your Writer Plugin Directory (C:\Program Files\Windows Live Writer\Plugins by default)

3) You should now see a “Insert Ink Blog” optionon the Insert menu and right side task pane

4) Ink Away!