Ink Blog – Feature Requests?

If there are any features you were hoping for in the ink blog plugin – now is a good time to let me know.  I’ve got most of the big items on my list done, and will be starting on some others soon.

Please comment here and let me know what you would like to see.

8 thoughts on “Ink Blog – Feature Requests?

  1. These are both kinda big ones…

    1) The ability to have the ink recognized and pasted as plain text into the blog entry below the ink.

    2) The ability to mark particular parts of the ink (like a particular word) as a hyperlink.

    What do you think? BTW, I love the plug-in so far!

  2. Ed, drop me an email. I’d love to talk with you about your projects and perhaps doing one of our inkshows on

  3. Perry –

    Those are both great thoughts and high on the list.

    Thanks for the input, and I am glad you are enjoying the plugin so far.



  4. Came here to list 2 things I would like to see, both of which Perry has already listed. Those two features would make this tool complete. I am sure that there are some other things people might like to see, but keeping the blog searchable with the text and the ability to easily add a quick link will allow me to BWS (Blog While Swiveled) in one quick step…..WOW

  5. Perry’s request are the most important features. I would add a little of customization far UMPC devices ( Small screen resolution of 800×600 and 800×480)

  6. Hi, Ed. GREAT ink blogging plug-in; thanks so much for creating it! It has made my ink blogging a lot simpler, that’s for sure.

    My suggestions/requests seem kind of superficial, but here goes anyway:

    I’d like to have similar customizability (is that a word?) to the pen line widths and colors. Before I started using your plug-in, I wrote out my blog posts in OneNote, and had quite a bit of customization available there. I actually prefer to use a thinner line width than the default in the plug-in. And I like to change around my line colors rather frequently…

    Also, if the window could be scrollable/resizable so that I can write my whole ink post in one shot instead of pasting together several blocks of inked text, it would go a long way to making the entries look cleaner. Again, this is based on OneNote — the option to add more writing space to a page.

    Perhaps some rule lines that can be shown or hidden for those ink bloggers who like to write on a lined template, but post the ink without lines? Configurable left and right margin lines to keep the lines confined to a certain width for certain blog style formatting? (I’m trying to think of what steps Hugh Sung ( outlined in his ink blogging tutorial. We fellow ink bloggers gotta stick together! 🙂 )

    Thanks again for writing this plug-in. I get the feeling that I’ll be ink blogging a lot more than I already did before.

  7. Good feedback everyone, thanks!

    Cheryl –

    Most of the features you mentioned are done, and will be in the next release. I’ll see what I can do about the lines for edit mode.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!


  8. Thanks, Ed! Yeah, after I posted my comment, I saw that several of the features I requested were listed in another blog post. Doh. 😀

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