Get a FREE Copy of Forms2Base Pro – The Tablet PC eForms Solution

Today we are announcing our new eForms library (not much to look at, yet) which allows our Forms2Base Pro and Litecustomers to share and download eForms.  We thought this would be a great way to let folks get a jumpstart on using Tablet PCs and eForms, and also show off all the great forms they’ve created.  Users will be able to search and sort forms by industry and topic.

The holidays are coming a bit early – As a way to help ‘stock’ our new library, we have decided to provide an incentive for people to upload forms: We will give anyone who creates and uploads a form a FREE copy of Forms2Base Pro (Retail value $499)!   So download your free forms designer software, and get going – you have until January 31, 2007.

Please see the official details below.  I can’t wait to see all the great submissions I know we’ll get!

Get a FREE copy of Forms2Base Pro!

Submit a Form to the new eForms Library

Want to earn a free copy of Forms2Base Pro (retail value of $499)?  Simply submit a form to our eForms library by January 31, 2007 and you will get one free copy of Forms2Base Pro.  Submitted forms are made available to the Forms2Base user community at

Forms2Base has established an eForms library where Forms2Base users can download already designed forms for immediate use in their Forms2Base application.  Forms will be organized by industry and topic, and will consist of both Forms2Base Lite and Forms2Base Pro forms.  All forms in the eForms library are FREE for users to download and use.  Any downloaded eForm can be modified as necessary to support a user’s specific needs.

Help us build our library and get a free copy of Forms2Base Pro!

How to participate?

If not already using our Forms Designer software, download it FREE it at and design your forms.

Send an email to and attach your designed eForm to be included in the library.   Remember:  Any form submitted to the library is immediately available to others for their use.  All submitted forms will be made available at

After acceptance of your form you will be contacted via email with instructions for activating your free copy of Forms2Base Pro.

For a form to be accepted into the library, and to receive a free copy of Forms2Base it must meet the following simple criteria:

1) Form must be a complete, usable form that will provide value to others

2) Form must not contain any logos, proprietary information, or other material that may infringe on a copyright or trademark.

3) User understands that upon form submission, they are providing Field2Base, Inc a non-exclusive right to distribute the form via

4) Form may not duplicate an existing form in the library

5) Limit one free copy per user

Any questions on this promotion or with on the Forms2Base eForms library may be sent to

Ink Search Tool for Tablet PCs & UMPCs Updated!! (Beta 2 release)

I’ve made many significant improvements and bug fixes to the Ink Search Tool, and publicly released Beta 2 today!  This release is much faster, and has many new features – Including Desktop Search! WooHoo!

For those unfamiliar with the Ink Search tool, this is a Tablet PC application that lets you write (‘ink’) search terms on your screen rather than typing or using the Tablet Input Panel (TIP).  A more general background can be found here.

Now for the good stuff….  New in this release:

  • Much faster with a lighter footprint
  • Full Windows Vista support (as well as Win XP)
  • Enhanced GUI updates (Very Vista / Office 2007 look, even on Windows XP)
  • Ability to search Google Maps
  • Google Desktop Search!!!
  • Wikipedia Search
  • Slight tweaking in the handwriting recognition
  • And of course, regular Google Search is still in here too

All of the new searches are enabled with a button called, More Searches, selecting that will give you a drop down with the additional searches.  Note: If you do not have Google Desktop Search (GDS) Installed, you will not see the Search Desktop option.

One really cool feature with searching Google Maps is that once you set your default location (via Google) you can enter a business name or type (ex: Computer Stores) and the search will show you the closest matches on the map.  Very neat!

Get the FREE Download Here

(Please uninstall Beta 1 first if you have it installed)

I’ll be adding some additional features soon!!  Keep Watching!

As always, I’d love to hear your input, feedback, and feature requests. Please get in touch here.

Windows Live Writer & Images, Part 2

Thought I’d add a little more information here to help people get going with Images (and Ink!) In Live Writer(WLW). See part one of this article for the basics.

In part 1 I mentioned that DriveHQ is a free FTP service that works with WLW, and provides 1Gig of space.  Note:  I am not endorsing DriveHQ, it worked for me, and it is free for basic FTP – thats it.

So to get going with DriveHQ, create an account, login then:

  • Create a folder to hold your blog images, do this by clicking on the My Storage Tab , and then New Folder




  • For the purposes of this example, I am calling it Blog1 (but you can use any name you like)





  • Now you need to make this folder public by publishing it.  Just hover on the folder and the menu bar will pop up, select the option with the folder and globe.  On the next screen, just review the options, defaults are fine, and click I agree & submit at the bottom.  The next screen will show you the public URL which will be in the format: , make a note of this you will need it later.





  • You are all set on the DriveHQ Side, now open WLW and create or edit you Weblog account (from the Weblog menu option)
  • When you get to the Image Publishing screen, select the FTP option

  • Now edit the settings as you see below.  Use your vaules for Drive HQ Username,Password, and URL (from the step above eg:
  • Click next to finish up the wizard, and you should be all set!