Google + You Tube = GoogTube?

Tech Crunch is reporting that Google is in talks to aquire You Tube for 1.6 Billion.  Wow!

Talk about a nice way to end the week!

Tivo HD Series 3 Ships!

Just got an email from Tivo, looks like the Tivo 3 is now availableat the $800 price point I was fearing.

If you must have one, use the link below to get in their ‘preferred subscriber’ queue. (whatever that means)

Looks like an awesome box, but I think I’ll pass until the price falls some.

PC Mag has a nice review here


Letter from the Editor
I promised a “defining” moment last newsletter and that moment has arrived: The TiVo® Series3™ HD Digital Media Recorder is here!
Inside and out, no compromise was made to bring this perfect HD product to life. Not only is it TiVo, it’s also the world’s first and only DVR with THX® certification.
Are you ready to rock your home theater with the highest quality, high-definition entertainment experience possible? I’ll spill more of the exciting details below and in the Showcase video (find it in your living room on TiVo Central) so all of your questions are answered. You can also share the news with friends by sending them this link. (How hot is the TiVo guy on the red carpet, by the way? And yes, I’m wearing exactly what I wore to the Emmy® awards. Pretend to be Joan and Melissa if you must.)
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go shopping: It’s finally time to get myself an HD television!
Series3ly yours,
P.S. It’s a limited first run, so hurry—snag one of your own before the holiday madness! There’s been great (pent-up, is probably the word) demand for the TiVo Series3™ HD, so we want subscribers to have first dibs!