Windows Live Writer & Images, Part 2

Thought I’d add a little more information here to help people get going with Images (and Ink!) In Live Writer(WLW). See part one of this article for the basics.

In part 1 I mentioned that DriveHQ is a free FTP service that works with WLW, and provides 1Gig of space.  Note:  I am not endorsing DriveHQ, it worked for me, and it is free for basic FTP – thats it.

So to get going with DriveHQ, create an account, login then:

  • Create a folder to hold your blog images, do this by clicking on the My Storage Tab , and then New Folder




  • For the purposes of this example, I am calling it Blog1 (but you can use any name you like)





  • Now you need to make this folder public by publishing it.  Just hover on the folder and the menu bar will pop up, select the option with the folder and globe.  On the next screen, just review the options, defaults are fine, and click I agree & submit at the bottom.  The next screen will show you the public URL which will be in the format: , make a note of this you will need it later.





  • You are all set on the DriveHQ Side, now open WLW and create or edit you Weblog account (from the Weblog menu option)
  • When you get to the Image Publishing screen, select the FTP option

  • Now edit the settings as you see below.  Use your vaules for Drive HQ Username,Password, and URL (from the step above eg:
  • Click next to finish up the wizard, and you should be all set!

Testing Ink Blog Plugin From Vista RC1

I had a blog comment today wondering if the Ink Blog Plugin runs under Vista.  Oddly enough, I had not yet tried it from a Tablet, so i thought I’d give it a whirl.  Yup, looks like it will work.

Please note, you’ll likely need to follow the instructions here after installing the plugin to get things going.  Make sure to restart Live Writer after applying the update.

Ink Generated with Ink Blog Plugin -

New Windows Live Gallery for Writer Plugins

 Charles Teague from the MS Live Writer Team just emailed me to let me know the Live Gallery is now, well, live, for Writer Plugins.  This is a Microsoft sponsored site that allows developers to upload their Writer Plugins into a central repository, where users can search them by tags, rating, category, etc..  There is also a verification process involved, where Microsoft ensures that the plugin is safe and stable.

Another great site to find Writer plugins is WLW Plugins.

Ink Blog Plugin goes Gold!

Version 1.0 of the Ink Blog Plugin for Windows Live Writer is now available!  You may download it free here

The self installer will overwrite any previous beta versions, just make sure WLW is not running when you install (or you may be required to reboot).

Most of the changes from Beta 2 to v1.0 were minor bug fixes, tweaks, and the October 1, 2006 expiration was removed.  (NOTE: If you are using Beta 2, please upgrade ASAP, since it will quit working soon).

There were two features I really wanted to get in, but couldn’t (A Call for Help):

  • Ability to show / hide recognized text on the blog pages
  • Ability to hyperlink inside the ink

I was able to get both of these working inside my test blog, but as soon as I tested on other blog service/software everything broke.  It seems that many blog packages strip out certain HTML, JS and CSS tags inside the post, presumably for security, which makes sense.  So finding the right combination that will work on the major blogs, without being stripped out, seems to be difficult.

I’m sure there is a HTML/CSS guru out there who could whip this up quickly, but unfortunately this is not an area of expertise for me (though it’s been a lot of fun learning!) and I did just not have the time to get it in V1.  If you are an expert, and would like to help here, please get in touch.  Since this is a free product, the only pay will be the joy of knowing thousands of people are using (or at least downloading) something you helped create.  You do not need to be a .NET or plugin programmer to help here, you would just need to supply the sample HTML etc.. in a text document, and I can integrate it into the code.

That’s all for now folks, please keep the great feedback and suggestions coming!