Tablet PC Hummer

Lora over at “What is New” had a nice post last night mentioning our Tablet PC Hummer.  Since I’ve already had an email about it, I figured I’d post some photos.  Who wouldn’t like seeing a Hummer with a GIANT Tablet PCon the side?

This is a vehicle Field2Base co-sponsored (the artwork) with one of our large resellers.  The Hummer makes it’s rounds to quite a few tradeshows, and is also one of the salesguys’ daily driver.  Needless to say, he gets quite a bit of attention,and questions driving this around. Right now there is always a Tablet PC in the Hummer for demos.  Future plans include a complete mobile office inside, including printer, GPS, scanner, etc..

The photos below show a company group photo with the beast, and me taking the Hummer somewhere I probably shouldn’t have in our office park 🙂