Bumping into George (HW) Bush and Bill Clinton

I was at CTIA for a few days this week, and as I was walking the floor yesterday morning I see a golf cart whiz by with a bunch of ‘black suits’ in it.  Next cart had, what I thought was my good friend Dennis Rice in it, boy has he got some clout, I thought.  When I yelled hello, and got ignored, I assumed it was just all going to his head 🙂

I then realized maybe it wasn’t Dennis, and that it was Bill Clinton – another cart whizzing by full of the suits with headsets confirmed this for me.  Al the carts stopped just 20 feet away, and as I looked back, a huge mob was quickly approaching.  I quickly moved over to where they stopped (they were doing a press interview), and got right up front.

Talk about being at the right place at the right time – I was right in front and got up close with Bill & George.  Not everyday you get 10′ away from two ex-Presidents!  Pretty cool day.

But the highlight had to be as I was leaving…as I pushed my way through the crowd to leave, I heard the following conversation:

Tradeshow BoothBabe:  “I just want to get close enough to see Bill, and shake his hand”

Random Guy in crowd: “Oh honey, he’d let you do much more than shake his hand!”

Haha too funny!

Joost Contest II Winners

Congratulations to commenters everno and nickram (randomly selected #10 & 11) who won the latest Joostbeta invites.  You should be getting an email soon, please enjoy.

Everyone else, please check back soon, I’ll do this again as soon as I get another batch of invites.

Amazon UnBox Video Service Goes TiVo

Amazon has launched it’s UnBox video download service on the TiVo today (Series 2 & 3).  Since they are offering a free $15 credit for setting this up, I decided to give it a try.  Just go hereto ‘link’ your Amazon account with your TiVo account – the whole process was painless and took less then a minute.

I was then able to browse the library of about 1300 movies and shows, and pick one (Office Space, of course).  After the normal one-click checkout process, I verify which TiVo I want it to go to (I only have one TiVo, but I assume if you have multiple ones, you get a pick list).  The confirmation screen is telling me that the download will begin and show up on my TiVo’s Now Playing List – and sure enough, as I write this (Thanks SlingBox!), I now see a Amazon Unbox folder, with Office Space listed.  It is not available to play yet (full download required before you can start playback), so I can’t comment on the quality – but I’ll be sure to do an update soon.

Check out the full FAQ here – and enjoy those downloads from the couch!

R.I.P. Splotch

I came home today to find Splotch, The GottaBeMobile.commascot, destroyed.  Though he lived a short life, at least he made it to Vegas for a few days 🙂

The puppy seemed remorseful, but just couldn’t help herself.

Maybe I’ll be fortunate enough to get a Splotch Jr? (Hint Hint) RIP Little Buddy.

Joost (Venice Project) Contest II

I had so much fun doing the last Joost Invite contest, I’ve decided to do another one.  The kind folks at Joost gave me two more tokens (Beta Invites) this week, so here it goes.

Same rules as last time, simply leave a comment in the thread here and on Wednesday, March 7 2007 at 9PM EST I will randomly select two winners from the comments to this thread.  I will announce the winners shortly after.

This will be the last time it will be this easy to win, so get your comments going, and good luck!!


UPDATE: The contest is closed, and the winners are announced.  Thanks for playing, and check back soon for another contest.