Microsoft Max, Part 2 – The Tablet PC (with video)

As I mentioned in my last post, I was installing Max on my X41 Tablet to check out the ink.

Some quick observations:

  • Max is EXTREMENLY slow on my X41, basically unusable.  I’ll have to investigate why.
  • Ink is only available in the photo edit mode, not in slideshows or RSS news feeds
  • Only white ink and an eraser are available

All in all, not a great Tablet experience, but I’m sure it will get better, and at least they have started down the Tablet PC / Ink path with the product.

I’ll need to try some other WPF apps on the X41 and see if they are all slow, or if these issues are limited to Max.  My guess is the weak video power (Intel 915 chipset) on the X41 is the culprit, and most next generation WPF apps may behave this way.  Not good :-(.


UPDATE: Here is a  better quality video

Oh, and here is a quick screen cap I did showing some of the functionality of Max, including Ink on the Tablet PC.

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